Pre-School and Nursery Show Filming

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Nativity and Christmas Play Filming Experts

We believe recording a Childs first shows is a great keepsake for the rest of their lives. We record these shows with multiple static and operated cameras with discreet microphone, enabling every child to be seen and heard on the final film.

Filming a nursery or pre-school show can be tricky as things will not go to plan! We are experienced and know how important it is to capture each child and their individual moments in the spotlight, any errors can be easily edited out.

Add to your organisations funds

We can either charge per copy sold (with a minimum order) or agree upon a set fee for filming the show and providing a download link. Our pricing often lets you add up to 50% onto the price to add to your school or nursery funds.

Covering areas around Surrey, Kent, London and the South East.

High resolution digital copies of your film

We offer your pre-school the options of either a download or physical copy on USB.

We do still offer copies of your film on DVD for anyone who still wants a copy this way.
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Introductory Offer

We are aware that the first time filming a show can be a learning experience. We find once we have filmed a show and you see the ease of production and final quality that both you and the parents will want every show recorded. Thats why we offer a discount on the first time you have us in recording.

Example of our filming work

local nativity show filming

To book your school show filming phone us on 020 8668 0018

How It Works

1) Book in your show with us by calling 020 8668 0018

2) Answer a few questions about your show, restrictions and requirements

3) Contact people to take orders and payment

4) We will film and edit your production (turnaround within 48 hours)

5) We will deliver your final film

Pricing Examples

Nursery show productions tend to be shorter than the average play, this makes our job slightly easier in terms of how long it takes to produce and edit the final film.

We can often film several shows from different nurseries in one day depending on location. That is why we offer those within a reasonable travel distance from Oxted Surrey a substantial discount.

Local (to Oxted, Surrey). From £14 a copy

Every show, timings etc are different and we are keen to offer you a great deal. Give us a call and we will quote you instantly after a quick discussion.