Medical and Hospital Filming

We are experienced in filming in a hospital and operation theatre environment. We can also plug into video outputs from hospital devices to in corporate these within your film. You may want to live stream the operation to an outside location or run a video feed to another room within the hospital.
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Animated Videos for Healthcare
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Medical Animations, Marketing Films and Production

We have filmed for opticians, hospitals, large pharmaceutical companies and various healthcare industries all over the UK.

We have also been involved in creating explainer animations for medical procedures and products, as this is a powerful way of simplifying otherwise complex ideas.

Building trust is especially important for healthcare and video is the best way to achieve this trust across multiple platforms. This is achieved just by telling customers what you are involved with, developing as well as past stories of success and innovation. Customers just seeing behind the scenes at a healthcare company or hearing from a healthcare professional start to build connections with the brand.

It has never been so easy to extend your reach and communicate directly with your customers and potential customers. Creating constant content not only helps build trust but it also enables you to stay fresh in people minds and helps you shape the way your brand is seen.

We understand the nature of healthcare video production and the need for discreetness in terms of information as well as the way products can and cannot be promoted. We can work with you to produce your perfect medical marketing films as well as social media and website content.

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Guy's Hospital Filming

Filming day surgery for 3 days at Guy's hospital in London, for the purpose of training a procedure. A video feed was run to a meeting room within the hospital, where two way audio communication was setup to interact with the surgeon.

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