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Attract the best staff and potential students to your school by showcasing it on your website homepage with a video. We can help you plan and produce the film using tools such as drones to give a unique perspective of your school.

We can help you storyboard your film and use tools such as broadcast quality cameras and a drone to really showcase your school.

There are two main ways to use video on your homepage:

1) A short, silent film featuring clips of your school and grounds.

2) A longer, narrated tour of your school that includes interviews and highlights your values, teaching, and facilities.
Let potential parents and staff see inside and behind the scenes at your school with a professionally produced video on your website."

School Website Filming

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Having a film on your school's website can be a great way to attract potential students and staff as well as give an insight into the school for existing parents. A well-produced video can showcase your school's facilities, teaching, and values, providing a glimpse into what makes your school unique.

There are several ways a school can benefit from having a video on their website:

1) Attract top-quality staff and students: A video can give potential staff and students a feel for your school's culture and atmosphere, helping them to get a sense of what it would be like to be a part of your community.

2) Showcase your facilities and programs: A video is an effective way to highlight your school's facilities, such as classrooms, labs, sports facilities, and extracurricular programs. This can help to differentiate your school from others and demonstrate the range of opportunities available to students.

3) Enhance your school's online presence: A video can be a powerful addition to your school's website, helping to engage visitors and make your site more dynamic. This can be especially effective for schools that have a strong online presence and want to stand out from the competition.

4) Provide a behind-the-scenes look: A video can provide a behind-the-scenes look at your school, showing what goes on in the classrooms, hallways, and other areas that are not typically visible to the public. This can help to give current parents, members of the community and potential staff and students a more complete picture of your school.

Using Film for Your School

We have filmed for schools for the past 15 years and have seen different school utilise the power of video in many different and unique ways.
Virtual School Tour

How It Works

Book in a time to talk through your ideas We can have an informal exchange of ideas and possibilities with you and give you cost options. (email or by calling 020 8668 0018

Select an option and book. We then can work together on a script and storyboaad (shot list)

We will film and edit your production

We will deliver you your final film and often extra footage as required. We can lease with your website company to get your film live!

Why 2020TV?

Our camera operators are amongst the most experienced in the UK, working closely with school for the past 1Ams years. We are a small team, so are flexible with filming dates and restrictions.

Filming for schools require being discreet and professional. Often capturing natural moments whist observing lessons and in a short amount of time. We are very competitive on price, whilst offering the advantage of being flexible with timings and dates. We understand we will often have to come in over a number of days to capture all the different lessons and moments that you want to showcase.

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