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Dance and School Filming Experts

We have been professionally filming large scale dance shows as well as nursery, school and college plays for over 15 years. Amazingly our prices have not gone up at all in these 15 years.

Many professional production companies now charge upwards of £19 per copy produced! Our prices start at an amazing £12 a copy ordered (minimum of 30 copies per production) and we will use a second camera and operator if a minimum of 50 copies can be guaranteed.

Add to the School Funds

Not only does our production services not cost your school a penny (costs are covered by DVD purchases), we have found that the price point of £12 enables the school to add upto 50% onto the price, without the parents finding the price expensive.

Covering areas around Surrey, Kent, London and the South East.

Production Prices and Options

£12 Pricing

Minimum 30 Copies

£12 / copy
Broadcast standard filming
Plug into audio system - or microphone to stage
Fast turnaround (often 24-48 hours)
Custom title and menu
Printed DVD face

Three Cameras

Minimum 50 Copies

£12 / copy
Second camera operator
Third static wide camera
Watchable multi-angle production
End credits section
Add your own photos

HD and 4K

On USB Flash Drive

£16 / copy
Flash Drive copy in HD
Receive DVD and USB
4K option available *

To book your filming phone us on 020 8668 0018

How It Works

1) Book in your performance dates with us by calling 020 8668 0018

2) Answer a few questions about your show, restrictions and requirements

3) Contact the parents to take orders and payment

4) We will film and edit your production (turnaround within 48 hours)

5) We will deliver your DVDs to you

School video production

Sharpe Dance academy
Dance Video Filming

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School Filming Ballet

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Cameraman School Filming

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Why 2020TV?

Our camera operators are amongst the most experienced in filming live productions in the UK, regularly filming live concerts and events for broadcast. Our cameramen are ideally placed experts in filming stage shows from school concerts & nativity plays to dance school shows.

Filming events of this nature requires experience, as we appreciate that each young performers has their big moment not to be missed and are likely to only be stage for short period of time. We always follow the plot, capturing every performers big moment. Having a second operator and multiple cameras therefore enables us to capture tighter shots of the performers without missing any of the storyline.