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"Hi we are Ricky and David, full time event videographers. We make show filming hassle free and only film with broadcast approved cameras, for the highest quality of productions."

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We have a long background in filming live events and have stood out in the film of filming dance shows, due to the broadcast cameras and knowledge about how to cope with challenging and changing lighting environments.

Many professional production companies now charge upwards of £19 per copy produced! Our prices start at an amazing £14 a copy ordered (minimum order numbers apply per production) and we always use a minimum of 3 camera angles.

Add to your organisations funds

We don't like it when other show filming companies call it a FREE filming service, as we find it misleading. It is true that the filming costs will be covered by the copies sold and can also be used as an opportunity to make executive ra funds for your dance school.

We have found that the price point starting from £14 enables you to add onto the price, without people finding the price expensive.

Covering areas around Surrey, Kent, London and the South East.
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Price Information

AND FOR YOU - A Free Copy and Showreel of the Show

Show filming in Surrey
We provide you one free high resolution copy on USB, we also edit you a 60 -180 seconds showreel of the show. We find this showreel is fantastic for promotion of your school and future shows.

£14 (100*) £16 (50) £18 (30)

- * Minimum orders

- Plug into audio system - or microphone on stage

- Fast turnaround (often within 48-72 hours!)

- Showreel of show

- Downloads/DVDs

Guarantee 50 Copies to receive:

- Second camera operator

- Additional camera angle

Add £5 per copy for:

- USB copies

- End credits section, with optional participants photos.

To book your dance show filming phone us on 020 8668 0018

How It Works

1) Book in your performance dates with us by calling 020 8668 0018

2) Answer a few questions about your show, restrictions and requirements

3) Contact people to take orders and payment (enables you to charge your own price)

4) We will film and edit your production (turnaround within 48 hours)

5) We will deliver your media
NEW for 2023

We are pleased to announce that in addition to capturing the performance itself, we now offer behind the scenes footage, photos, and interviews with the dancers that will be included on the USB and DVD of the show. This means you'll be able to see all the hard work and dedication that went into the performance, as well as get a glimpse into the personal lives and experiences of the dancers.

But that's not all – we also invite the dancers to shoot some behind the scenes footage or interviews themselves. This is a great opportunity for dancers to show off their creative skills and give viewers a unique perspective on the reversals etc. And of course, we will include this footage on the USB and DVD as well.

So if you're a dancer who wants to capture and share the experience of your dance show, our dance show filming company is here to help. We offer high-quality filming, behind the scenes footage, and the opportunity for dancers to showcase their own work. Contact us today to learn more and to book our services for your next dance show.
Surrey dance show filming

Why 20 Media?

We strive to make filming your show as hassle free as possible, this is all done with a little bit of preplanning and arriving early on the show day itself.

We use a mixture of high quality broadcast cameras and expensive smaller cameras to capture the show. This enables the operated cameras to be larger and out of the way, whilst the smaller cameras can be placed closer to the action and controlled remotely.
We ideally like to have a camera near the front as the first person view is amazing from here and really puts you in the middle of the dance show.

We have found a perfect formula to capturing dance shows which many have tried to copy.